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Migrating Tactics: An Interview with Ewa Majewska and Katarzyna Rakowska

Marianne Kaletzky, Ramsey McGlazer


This interview considers Polish feminists’ participation in both the Black Monday protests of October 3, 2016, and the International Women’s Strike held on March 8, 2017. Majewska and Rakowska attest to the long process of organizing and the ongoing histories that these strikes continued. These are histories of workers’ struggle as much as of feminist activism, and both Majewska and Rakowska speak to the inseparability of feminist efforts—including work for reproductive justice—from broader anti-capitalist projects in Poland and beyond. The interviewees thus repeatedly link the women’s strikes to movements opposing austerity, environmental despoliation, precarization, and nationalism.





Poland, strikes, abortion, Black Monday, reproductive justice
Published in a Special Section
Transnational Feminist Strikes and Solidarities
Edited by Ramsey McGlazer

This multilingual special section gathers activist texts and theoretical reflections on the International Women's Strike of March 8, 2017. Contributors from Turkey, Argentina, Poland, and Italy consider the strike's implications and effects, emphasizing the ways in which it both indexes and advances, both speaks to and spurs, a radical re-politicization of feminism. Texts by Rita Segato and Françoise Vergès provide critical frameworks for understanding this process. All of the texts collected here—essays, dispatches, chronicles, manifestos, and an interview—indicate the urgency and the promise of a feminism that refuses racism, capitalist exploitation, environmental depredation, and state violence.

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