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A Manifesto in Four Themes

Rita Laura Segato
Translated by Ramsey McGlazer


Throughout the Americas, an emphasis on the ideal of the family, defined as the subject of rights to be defended at all costs, has galvanized efforts to demonize and punish what is called "the ideology of gender." The spokesmen of the historical project of capital thus offer proof, Segato argues, that, far from being residual, minor, or marginal, the question of gender—of the patriarchal order—is the cornerstone and center of gravity of all forms of power.




feminism, violence, patriarchy, colonial-modernity, pedagogy of cruelty
Published in a Special Section
Transnational Feminist Strikes and Solidarities
Edited by Ramsey McGlazer

This multilingual special section gathers activist texts and theoretical reflections on the International Women's Strike of March 8, 2017. Contributors from Turkey, Argentina, Poland, and Italy consider the strike's implications and effects, emphasizing the ways in which it both indexes and advances, both speaks to and spurs, a radical re-politicization of feminism. Texts by Rita Segato and Françoise Vergès provide critical frameworks for understanding this process. All of the texts collected here—essays, dispatches, chronicles, manifestos, and an interview—indicate the urgency and the promise of a feminism that refuses racism, capitalist exploitation, environmental depredation, and state violence.

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