Cover image of issue 6:2 August 2023. Show watercolor images of one dead bird subject on a white background. The bird is shown in profile and belly-up.

Critical Times 6:2

The Destruction of Loss

Vol. 6, No. 2 (2023)

How does one narrate a loss after the destruction of its context, when the border between mourning and melancholia is rendered unstable, or in the absence of a common historical horizon? This special issue maps out asymmetric distributions of loss across varied disciplines and archives in order to grapple with these difficult questions. Contributions traverse mourning and racial melancholia as they inhabit and exceed the geography of Afghanistan; Bataille’s concept of sovereignty as it figures a “survivor” born of catastrophe; parallax loss in the People’s Republic of China; a new theorization of “danger”; the Quechua Bolivian remaking of landscapes defined by subjection; Canadian Indigenous loss and settler mania; a rethinking of fetishistic narratives of the Iranian revolution; a wayward approach to black theology for Black thought; a historical situation of loss in Thailand’s far south; the losses wrought by Chilean neoliberalism; and finally, an analysis of Madhulika Jalali’s documentary film, Ghar ka Pata, a Kashmiri Pandit memory project. With a special section titled “Erosion,” the issue explores global permutations of loss while remaining attentive to the history of destruction.

This issue of Critical Times is guest edited by Basit Kareem Iqbal and Rajbir Singh Judge.


Basit Kareem Iqbal; Rajbir Singh Judge

Special Section


Mary Louise Pratt





Anila Daulatzai; Sahar Ghumkhor

Artistic Intervention

Curatorial Statement by Basit Kareem Iqbal and Rajbir Singh Judge

Works from the Dead Inside Series
Ali Cherri

FIGURE 1. Ali Cherri, Dead Inside Series.

FIGURE 18. Ali Cherri, Dead Inside Series.