Image of the cover for Critical Times. It is a collage of 15 pictures showing various statues either toppled or graffitied.

Critical Times 6:3

Vol. 6, No. 3 (2023)

Contributions to this issue of Critical Times consider the representation of Gandhi by his assassin, Nathuram Godse, and the illegibility of Gandhi's political philosophy for the Hindu right; offer a critical homage to Ranajit Guha and illuminate his unique phenomenology of time; explore B.R. Ambedkar's use of Buddhist philosophy in his challenge to the “permanence of the theologico-political”; and think with concretion—submarine growings-together—as ambivalent agglomerations of matter, history, and animacy that mark and rework imperial presences at the seabed. The issue also features a conversation on the histories of colonialism and anticolonial resistance in a Mapuche and Haitian context, as well as an artistic intervention by choreographer Cecilia Lisa Eliceche reflecting on practices of neocolonial spiritual extractivism.

Artistic Interventions

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

Four women of color stand in a line facing the camera. Each person is smiling and holding up their right fist.
Figure 5. Romina Rosas, Betiana Colhuan Nahuel, Luciana Jaramillo, and Celeste Huenumil. Photograph by Alex Dukal, LUAN - Colectiva de Acción Fotográfica.